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With the collaboration of the best European & Asian companies to deliver high-quality equipment, test and measuring systems, production line machines, measuring machinery

Based on the valuable experience of our founder Mr. Tarin since 1977, we served Iranian industries. in the following since 2009, our customers received field services officially as Nitek.

With our Technical consulting, we accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle of your machines and equipment, from engineering and design to modernization. Contact us for any questions

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We minimize production risks and maximize the efficiency of your equipment by working with you as equal partners.

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means listening to our customer and understanding their needs. we are partners and together we can tackle and technical challenge even when things get tricky. this is what sets us apart from the others.


doesn’t just mean delivering error-free and on time. it’s much more than that. we keep on eye on the profitability and efficiency of your project and help you achieve secure, sustainable, processes.


we demonstrate it bey being open, standing by our word and only making promises that we can keep. Fairness develops trust, which is an absolute prerequisite for mutual success.


diversity makes us who we are. although we are proud of our roots, we would never have become the company that we are today without the influence of our employees and business partners around the world.

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